Shipping Information

All the info you need to know about how we get your new puppy safely home!

Items included in shipping:

Airline information

We ship with Delta, and United Airlines, we feel they have the safest procedures for shipping puppies. We have shipped many puppies and have never had a problem with an airline. During the summer month Delta Airlines' shipping is unavailable to us. We will instead use United's PetSafe shipping, unfortunately, the fee is higher. The United PetSafe program includes climate control at all times during shipment, both on the ground and in the air.

To ship your puppy to you we make a reservation with the airline by email. We need the name of the person who will be picking the puppy up at the airport, and a telephone number that they can be reached at while the puppy is in transit. After the reservation has been confirmed, we forward the details to you via email, we ask that you confirm receipt of the information with an email or phone call confirming that you have the date, time and pickup location that has been scheduled.

What to bring to the airport

When you arrive to pick up your puppy you will need to bring the following items:

Ground Delivery

We also offer delivery/meeting service to our customers. We are located in south-central Missouri and can drive to deliver or meet customers. (see map for details)

The fee for delivery is $1 per mile for the one way distance traveled.

View Delivery Map in a larger map

*We can meet anywhere within a 200 mile distance of our location. (indicated by the flag on the map above)

We have met customers from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan in Saint Louis, Missouri which saves over five hours of driving time. Customers from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas have met us in Joplin, Missouri. We also deliver to Clinton, Missouri, which is just a short drive from Kansas City. (see table for more information)

City St. Louis, MO Columbia, MO Joplin, MO Poplar Bluff, MO Clinton, MO Jonesboro, AR Harrison, AR Cape Girardeau, MO Branson, MO
Distance 155 Miles 143 Miles 160 Miles 120 Miles 185 Miles 157 Miles 153 Miles 201 Miles 121 Miles
Fee $155 $143 $160 $120 $185 $157 $153 $201 $121
Time Saved 5H 5H 25M 4H 30M 4H 45M 6H 30M 6H 5H 40M 7H 30M 4H 30M

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