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Please note: While it is attractive to take this opportunity add a new companion to our families, everyone should be mindful that at this time actions can have unforeseen and unknown consequences. The Covid-19 Pandemic is not a vacation, the cost of our activities may include a substantial impact on the health and lives of others. This is a time for everyone to come together and observe orders issued by local and state authorities to curb the spread of disease. To allow families to obtain a quality pet, while responsibly observing the health and safety concerns for all parties involved, our usual business practices have been altered: 1. Delivery/meeting services are suspended. 2. Visits to meet puppies and select between multiple puppies are suspended. 3. A deposit is required in advance of scheduling pick up. 4. Meetings will occur at a location outside our home.

Spring Pug Puppies!

Hope •Fawn •Female •SOLD

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